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When Their Owners Are Struggling, A Special Fort Worth Pet Food Bank Helps

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There are several places that can offer assistance to those without food. Animals, on the other hand, not so much, and frequently, out of necessity rather than choice, they are an afterthought in the struggle for existence. After all, how can someone afford to feed a pet if they are unable to buy food for themselves? Don’t Forget to Feed Me, a Fort Worth food bank for dogs and cats that prides itself on being the only one of its type in North Texas, is run by Maria Koegl.

They supply food for their dogs through pantries and organisations, just like food banks do with the food they donate to help feed the hungry. And they offer it free of charge. Don’t Forget to Feed Me is supported by donations, grants from foundations and other organisations, donor advised funds, corporate contributions, etc.

Animals Are Nourished

We can efficiently and rapidly solve this particular demand if we keep our attention narrowly focused, Koegl added. Don’t Forget to Feed Me does not try to imitate the services provided by other organisations or agencies, Koegl continued.

While many neighbourhood organisations work to make sure that individuals have access to enough food and nutrition, she said that she frequently hears from these groups that pet owners frequently opt to skip meals in order to make sure their companion animals are nourished.

The majority of Americans—2/3—own pets. There is an urgent need to offer pet food to pet owners who are struggling financially, she said. “By supplying pet owners with pet food, DF2FM guarantees that pets receive food that is nutritionally suitable for animals in addition to ensuring that owners can feed themselves.


Source: ABC news

Additionally, a lot of neighbourhood organisations assist pet owners with veterinary requirements like spaying/neutering and immunisations. Other neighbourhood organisations care about seeing that abandoned animals are taken in and given “forever homes.” These organisations cater to genuine needs and offer the community useful services.

However, their efforts would be in vain if they cannot have access to quality pet food. Since 2008, 9.2 million pet meals have been delivered through Don’t Forget to Feed Me.Koegl quoted data from the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy indicating that pet upkeep ranks as the third and fourth most common reasons for dog and cat surrenders, respectively, in the United States. On a limited basis, The Maverick Fund offers immediate emergency assistance.

However, Don’t Forget To Get Me Food

It all began with the 2008 financial crisis. Not only were many families and people struggling, but for many, owning and caring for animals changed from being a delight to a challenge. When the organisation first started, Koegl recalls that “many were forced to choose between feeding their family and feeding the family pet.”

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