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Where Canadians Should Live in Mexico in 2023

Selecting the Best Mexico Places

Where Canadians Should Live in Mexico in 2023. (PHOTO: Southwest Journal)

According to Southwest Journal, both bustling areas and secluded beaches provide intriguing activities. This blog post lists the top Mexican destinations for Canadians. Have a tranquil retirement or an active social life. I will assist with seating.

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Campeche, Yucatán, is significant to Canadians. The city includes brilliant structures, a historic core, and Mayan-influenced gastronomy. Living here is affordable, which is enticing.

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende has many historic structures and a vibrant art scene. Safety, health care, and a decent setting please Canadians.


Tulum is ideal for beachgoers. The laid-back mood in Tulum goes beyond its beaches. Do water activities and take care of yourself.


Guanajuato has storybook-like architecture and activities. The city’s cheapness and festivities make it fun for Canadians.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has beaches and city activity. Nighttime outdoor activities are fun. Canadians seeking fairness should consider it.


Mérida, “The White City,” is ancient and new. Canada boasts safety, culture, and healthcare.

Playa del Carmen

The beach town of Playa del Carmen is easy to navigate. Canadians live well despite high prices.


The city of Querétaro comprises historic and new components. It’s modest yet expanding, with significant locations and decent employment.


Oaxaca’s shops, cuisine, and festivals evoke Mexico. Rich cultures attract Canadians.


The “Sultan of the North,” Monterrey, is a large metropolis with ancient and new styles. Canadians love its urban lifestyle and scenery.

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