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While There Are Fewer Applications For Unemployment Benefits, Some Americans Continue To Do So, Verify If You Are Eligible

Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment Benefits; Source- People

A claim for weekly benefits can be made by employees who lost their jobs. Learn how to ascertain your eligibility for unemployment benefits and how to submit a claim. If a worker meets the eligibility standards, the unemployment insurance programs of the US Department of Labor offer benefits to those who have lost their jobs. A joint federal-state program known as unemployment insurance pays cash benefits to qualified workers. Each state oversees a different program on its own. They all adhere to a few rules set forth by federal law, though.

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Benefits; Source- Mint

Eligibility Criteria For Unemployment Benefits

In principle, you qualify for unemployment insurance payments if you are jobless for circumstances outside of your control and meet the job and wage requirements. Each state establishes its own eligibility rules, though. Your state’s standards for time worked or wages earned within a predetermined period known as the “base period” must be met. This often refers to the initial four of the previous five complete calendar quarters in most states before that point the petition is filed; and you fulfill extra state requirements, such as actively looking for work, taking classes, getting training, etc.

Application For Unemployment Benefits

You must claim with the state’s unemployment insurance program where you worked to get benefits under the program. Claim filing options vary by state and include in-person, over the phone, and online. As soon as you become unemployed, you should get in touch with your state’s unemployment insurance agency for more particular information and requirements. When you apply, you will be required to provide details like the dates and places of your former job. Make sure to include accurate and complete information to avoid your claim being delayed. Receiving your first compensation check normally takes a couple of weeks to arrive after filing your claim. The amounts and the weeks for which help is given differ from one specific state to the next.

Filings For Unemployment Benefits Is Decreasing

In the United States, filings for unemployment benefits decreased marginally last week as businesses continued to retain staff in a market that has mostly weathered fast-rising interest rates meant to slow hiring and spending for more than a year. The Labor Department announced on Thursday that the total number of Americans requesting unemployment benefits declined by 4,000 last week, to 228,000 for the week concluding August 26. The claims’ four-week moving average increased by 250 to 237,500, helping to smooth out certain of the weekly volatility.

In its now one and a half year long fight against inflation, the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates 11 times, bringing them to 5.4 percent, the biggest increase in 22 years. The Fed’s goal in part was to chill the labor market and lower wages, which numerous economists believe inhibits price increases. Although some inflation indicators have decreased dramatically since the Fed began raising interest rates, from as high as 9% to closer to 3%, the labor market was holding up better than many had predicted. Earlier in the month, the government said that although the number of jobs added by U.S. firms in July was lower than anticipated and 187,000, the labor market remained strong.

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