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 ‘Winning The Fight’ Against Opioid Misuse Is How A North Texas Mother Uses Her Grief

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This week, Narcan, the nasal spray that quickly reverses opioid overdoses, was on sale at many large businesses in North Texas.

What Happened?

Making it available over-the-counter is a positive move in the fight against the overdose issue in the country, but some supporters believe it is insufficient.

Kathy O’Keefe, who has some expertise in Naloxone, stated, “There’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t have some of this.

The Colony High School’s whole staff just received training from her on how to use Narcan, the life-saving antidote that can be administered as a nasal spray.

“It’s not a drug,” O’Keefe insisted. “Nobody will be harmed. Nothing will happen if you offer it to someone who doesn’t have access to opiates. There is no obligation. And that is the education that we must obtain.

Back in 2010, when O’Keefe’s 18-year-old son Brett overdosed on drugs, Narcan wasn’t as commonly accessible. Treatment choices have also improved.

We Don’t Know!

North Texas

Source: ABC News

“It might have been a little different if Brett was here now and we were facing these difficulties,” she said. The answer is “We don’t know.”

Major shops including CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart now sell Narcan without a prescription for approximately $45. Advocates claimed that the kits would only be helpful if people felt safe purchasing them from a shop and using them to give the opioid antidote if someone displayed overdose symptoms.

Nearly 110,000 drug overdose deaths were reported by the CDC in 2022. O’Keefe stated, “My greatest concern is don’t imagine it wouldn’t happen to you. “My mentality is to assume it will happen, so that way you’ll be ready for it,” she said. The four-year struggle her son had with addiction had a negative impact on the whole family. O’Keefe used her grief over his passing to start a nonprofit.

One of their buddies will teach our kids about drugs if we don’t, she said. “So what data do you want to obtain? I thus educate parents about drugs so that they would know what to look for. She claims that everyone in the neighbourhood must get involved for this cause to be genuinely won.

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