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Wisconsin Lawmakers Might EnactA Bill Fo Increased Child Tax Credit

Child Pornography
Source- CNN

Legislators in Wisconsin are debating a bill that would increase childcare tax credits for families that qualify, but the idea has already come under fire from those who claim it mostly helps affluent households. It seems unlikely that it will be signed into law in any capacity. The tax credit was part of a bigger plan that the Wisconsin Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, passed this week. The plan addresses childcare costs and offers a $2 billion income tax cut as part of its package. It was supposed to go to the Wisconsin State Assembly, which is controlled by Republicans and is the lower house of the state.

Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit; Source- Forbes

Statewide Child Tax Credit

The increased statewide childcare tax credit would provide a qualified Wisconsin family with up to $4,000 in benefits if they have two or more children, according to the Senate proposal. A family would need to have two kids at daycare for twenty thousand dollars a year or a taxable yearly earnings of $85,000 to be eligible for the entire $4,000 credit. Families with one child who pays $10,000 annually for childcare must earn over $50,000, making the benefit more advantageous for those with higher salaries. In Wisconsin, the typical household income was $73,330 annually in 2022.

Perks Of Enhanced Statewide Child Tax Credit

For instance, two almost identical tax-paying families can receive the full tax credit if they pay $20,000 annually for child care for their two children. Both are eligible for the same amount of refund for their child care expenses, that is 20%, or $4,000. This is because they both earn more than $43,000 annually. The first family makes $50,000 in taxable income annually. Afterward, $2,152 will be their state income tax, calculated using the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s 2023 tax tables for married couples filing jointly. The second family makes $85,000 a year, plus $4,007 in state income taxes.

Both families would be able to skip paying any state income taxes thanks to the tax credit. This would eliminate the $2,152 in taxes owed by the $50,000 household and $4,000 of the $85,000 family’s tax liability. The more money families will pay $16,000 out of pocket for child care after the tax credit, assuming both families’ annual child care costs are $20,000 or the same. However, compared to the family earning $85,000, the lower-earning family, having $50,000 in revenue, will have to pay an out-of-pocket expense of $17,847, or almost $2,000 more.

In any case, the argument is probably moot. Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin, a Democrat who previously vetoed a previous tax cut plan in July, is expected to veto the bill even if it passes the Wisconsin Assembly. Moreover, even though Republicans hold both houses of the state’s legislature, they lack the two-thirds majority needed to override vetoes absent a highly unlikely Democratic intervention.

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