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Witness the Stunning Geminid Meteor Shower 2023

Photo from Google

On the first night of its two-peak occurrence in 2023, the Geminid meteor shower shone.

Photo from Google

Geminid Meteor Shower Lights Up the Sky with Spectacular Show

Global photos showed Geminid meteors on December 13, with more “shooting stars” expected on December 14. With the new moon two days old, predicts 100 meteors every hour.

Webcasts offer an alternative for those unable to attend due to weather. If weather permits, the Slooh telescope network and Rome’s Virtual Telescope Project will webcast the shower.

When microscopic space particles approach Earth’s atmosphere at great speeds, they burn up, causing meteor showers. Geminid showers are caused by asteroid 3200 Phaethon. Earth crosses this asteroid’s debris track every December, resulting in a magnificent show of shooting stars.

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Geminid Meteor Shower 2023

Photography enthusiasts worldwide captured this heavenly splendor. Thilina Kaluthotage captured the rain from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, showing light streaks across the night sky. The Geminids are one of the largest non-comet showers.

Amateur astronomer “Astro Mike” posted a spectacular timelapse of dozens of Geminid meteors on X. received amazing meteor photos from readers. Matthew Borchert and Tyler Levitt shared their meteor photography from Marietta, Minnesota, and the Joshua Tree wilderness.

Photographers captured Geminid meteors flying over the starry night sky, leaving light trails, despite the cold. It was spectacular to see numerous meteors in some shots.

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