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Worst Neighborhoods In Detroit: Exploring Motor City’s Most Dangerous Areas

Detroit (Photo: usatoday)

Detroit, also known as the “Motor City,” is a melting pot of different lifestyles and traditions. Despite its charm, there are still places in Detroit that locals would warn you not to go to. Here is a concise list of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit that you should avoid on your next trip!

Downtown Detroit (Photo: Curbed Detroit)

Chaldean Town, Forest Park, And Petosky-Otsego Occupy The First Three Spots On The List Of Worst Neighborhoods In Detroit

SOURCE- Chaldean Town, the first one on this list of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit, suffers from economic struggles. The unemployment rate in Chaldean Town is 24.7%, with a merely $16,172 median income. Aside from economic issues, Chaldean is also suffering from rampant burglaries, which is a shared concern among residents and authorities. With all these economic and social issues, it is only reasonable to place Chaldean Town on this list of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit.

Second on the list of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit is Forest Park. Forest Park, just like Chaldean, also faces economic and social problems. The 1,044 residents of Forest Park experience an unemployment rate of 16.1% and a median income of $14,872. Forest Park also suffers from constant car theft cases.

Petosky-Otsego is third on the list of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit. Aside from the petty crimes being experienced by the residents, they also have to come to terms with the unemployment rate of 14.9%. The median income is also low.

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Fitzgerald And The Eye Rank Fourth And Fifth On The List Of The Worst Neighborhoods In Detroit

Fourth on the list of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit is Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, with a population of 5,100, has a crime rate of 11,236 per 100,000 residents. Fitzgerald also suffers from inner-city conflicts and unemployment challenges.

Last on this list of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit is The Eye. The Eye, with a population of merely 3,437, has a crime rate of 10,642 per 100,000 residents. According to Property Club, there are 1 in 10 chances of you becoming a victim of a crime in this place.

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