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You Might Receive Both Your Spousal And Social Security Benefits; Check If You Are Eligible

Social Security Benefits
Social Security Benefits; Source- Money

There are several options available to married individuals to get Social Security payments. Based on your monthly salary history, you can apply for a monthly benefit if you worked and earned it. Additionally, once your spouse files for benefits on their own, you can begin receiving spousal benefits if you are married to or divorced from someone who qualifies for Social Security. (If you and your ex are divorced, you might be eligible for spousal benefits before they file.)

Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits; Source- AARP

Spousal Benefits In Addition To Social Security Benefits

You may be wondering if you can get both your spouse’s and your own Social Security benefits. You can respond to that. However, you are unable to take advantage of both advantages at once. The only reason to seek a spousal benefit right away if you’re qualified for one based on your own earnings history is if it’s greater than the monthly payment you would otherwise be entitled to on your own. Let’s assume that your wage history qualifies you for a $1,400 monthly Social Security payout. You can receive $1,500 if your partner is eligible for $3,000, as long as you wait to begin receiving Social Security benefits until you reach full retirement age.

Spousal Benefits

Since the spousal benefit is larger in this instance, it makes sense to desire it. On the other hand, if you’re legally married, you can’t get a spousal benefit until your partner files for Social Security. Additionally, you might not prefer to wait if you’re elderly and planning to retire first. If so, you can begin receiving monthly benefits on one’s record and, after your spouse begins receiving Social Security, you may upgrade to a spouse benefit. However, Social Security will just increase your monthly benefit amount to reflect the new circumstances.

No two types of benefits will be awarded to you. Let’s take an example where you are 67 years old while your spouse has not yet filed for Social Security. At that point, you might start receiving your own $1,400 monthly benefit. You can convert to spouse benefits for an additional $100 per month if, after a year, your spouse chooses to apply for Social Security. That switch will typically activate on its own. However, there are occasionally bugs. Therefore, get in touch with the SSA if you are eligible for a benefit increase after your spouse files for Social Security but it doesn’t happen.

Enhancing Social Security Benefits

It’s crucial to comprehend how Social Security operates because it’s a complicated program, particularly if you might be eligible for both a spouse’s benefit and a personal benefit. You should also be aware that while prolonging your filing over full retirement age will raise your benefit, it will not enhance your spouse’s benefit. half of your spouse’s salary each month is the maximum amount you can receive. Thus, bear it in mind while you decide whether or not to file. Additionally, discuss a filing strategy with your spouse if you are both qualified for Social Security separately. Whether or not you anticipate switching to a spouse benefit in the future, doing this is a wise move.

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