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Possibility Of National Connections Revealed By The Arrest Of A Suspect In A Texas Home Invasion Case

Photo from Google
Photo from Google

Shippy Barr’s expensive jewels vanished in Dallas. The same two men pretended to be tree trimmers, and victims from all around Texas pieced together how one of them distracted them while the other broke into their homes.

What Happened?

However, the case broke last week in a suburb of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, over a thousand miles distant. According to Penn Township Police Chief John Otto, “our officers are dispatched to Hammill Manufacturing right around 3:30 in the morning.”

Otto claims that three individuals in a pickup carrying stolen items were discovered by an officer responding to a burglar alarm. According to the small department, it coincided with a suspicious 911 call concerning an armed robbery that was taking place across town.

“But the phone call was being made from the parking lot of Hamill Manufacturing,” stated Otto. “Knowing they set off the alarm, they called 911 as a ruse to send resources to the armed robbery.”

The department reports that after the arrests, it has received calls from law enforcement agencies across who are mainly looking for Bobby Lucci, 27.

Officers from Penn Township have carried out search warrants for their theft investigation and on behalf of other law enforcement agencies who have gotten in touch with them.

Who Are The Suspects?

The victims remember that the men used to speak to each other in a foreign language. One of the males, who appears to be identical to Lucci, is seen on surveillance footage carrying what appears to be a radio while wearing gloves.


Source: CNN

On Wednesday, Dallas police announced that Lucci has been charged in relation to the home invasion of the Barr family. In Rabon’s instance, Houston police are investigating potential charges as well.

The second suspect, who authorities claim was seen on camera with Lucci committing home burglaries in Dallas, is not yet in custody. He wasn’t one of the people detained in Pennsylvania.

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