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South Carolina Most Dangerous Cities: 10 Places to Avoid in 2024

South Carolina Most Dangerous Cities

South Carolina Most Dangerous Cities. (PHOTO: Pip’s Island Home)

Southwest Journal newest research of 53 cities over 5,000 shows the state’s most risky places. The research links violent and property crimes to a complicated combination of factors including drug abuse and a dearth of high-paying jobs. Due to daytime robberies, carjackings, and shootings, Dillon media like WPDE advise against approaching certain districts. This exposé illustrates that Southern charm conceals a grim reality where safety is uncertain and economic concerns intensify social issues.

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10 South Carolina Most Dangerous Cities

West Columbia

Small town West Columbia is being examined for rising property crime. Despite its closeness to the state capital and USC  property protection is problematic.


Marion has high burglary and crime rates despite its small-town charm, making locals feel unsafe. While the community addresses problems safety is paramount.


Crime in Hartsville, SC, is consistent. The state’s seventh-high property crime rate makes citizens worry theft and burglary. Hartsville faces violence despite no fatalities in 2020, highlighting the need for unity.


Georgetown, South Carolina’s third-oldest city faces more than crime. The city is one of the worst areas to reside in the state for theft and property crime. Authorities must handle these difficult challenges as communities demand safety and quality of life.


Despite its yearly celebrations Greenwood unsafe. The sixth-highest violent crime rate in South Carolina makes ordinary life dangerous. Community leaders should establish crime prevention initiatives as city crime rates rise.

Myrtle Beach

Tourist destination Myrtle Beach has unsettling crime. One in eleven persons are robbed or damaged despite violent crime restrictions. As the city fights crime past tragedies serve as a wake-up call.


Spartanburg, northwest South Carolina battles crime to safeguard people. Residents fear burglaries and property crimes despite environmental conservation. While addressing these issues the community feels a stronger responsibility to find solutions to assure resident well-being.


Florence, Pee Dee’s capital has escalating criminality that harms people. The city struggles to curb burglary and violence. Leaders’ wise actions give communities hope for a better and safer future.


Darlington, famed for tobacco and NASCAR is South Carolina’s third most hazardous city. Locals endure theft and damage due to property crime. While government fixes these issues citizens must stay attentive to prevent crime.


Crime makes Orangeburg South Carolina most dangerous city despite its academic reputation. The state’s highest violent crime rate is assaults. The community prioritizes crime prevention and safety after the Orangeburg Massacre.

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