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1986 Cold Case Solved Thanks To DNA Technology Advancements — Body Found In Conroe Lake Finally Identified

A decades-long cold case in Texas finally solved thanks to DNA technology advancements (Photo: inc42)

A decades-long cold case in Texas has now finally been solved, all thanks to advancements in DNA technology. The body that was found in Crater Lake near Conroe in 1986 has now been identified as 71-year-old Clarence Lynn Wilson.

DNA technology advancements (Photo: QIAGEN)

The 1986 Conroe Lake Cold Case

SOURCE– A decades-old cold case dating back to 1986 has now been resolved, all thanks to advancements in DNA technology. Texas authorities announced that the body found in Crater Lake in Conroe was identified as 71-year-old Clarence Lynn Wilson.

On August 3, 1986, locals found a partially submerged human body in Crater Lake. The body found was weighed down with two cement cinder blocks that were tied with an electrical cord. Despite the autopsy confirming death by multiple gunshots, the identity of the victim remained a mystery for decades. The description at that time noted that the victim of the 1986 Conroe cold case was a white male in his 20s with tattoos.

In 2015, cold case detectives exhumed the victim’s remains to obtain DNA for entry into the CODIS, or Combined DNA Index System, which is a database that contains DNA profiles from offenders, missing people, and crime scene evidence. Despite all the efforts of the cold case detectives, the victim’s identity was still unknown.

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1986 Conroe Lake Cold Case Finally Solved, All Thanks To DNA Advancements

In May 2023, cold case detectives exhumed the remains again to utilize advancements in FIGG, or Forensic Investigative Genetic Genealogy. The obtained DNA was sent to the Othram Lab. This time, this process led the detectives to the identification of a potential family member in California.

In October 2023, Othram Lab confirmed a match between the victim’s remains and a family member in California, conclusively identifying the victim of the decades-long cold case as Clarence Lynn Wilson, last known to reside in Texas. According to Crime Door, the breakthrough in this decades-long cold case has reopened the homicide investigation into the death of Clarence Lynn Wilson. Texas authorities continue to seek information related to Wilson and the cause of his death.

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