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Get Ready: Indiana Tax Filing Starts on January 29!

Indiana and the IRS will take your 2024 tax returns starting January 29th!

Indiana’s Individual Income Tax Filing Opens Jan. 29. (PHOTO: Eagle Country 99.3)

The Indiana Department of Revenue wants all tax returns to be filed electronically by 2024.

According to Smart News, the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) highly urges citizens to switch to electronic filing, online payment, and direct deposit in time for the 2024 individual income tax season, which begins on January 29. These methods make the filing process more accurate and speed up the return and refund processes, making things easier for taxes.

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Taxpayers should remember that patience and accuracy are essential.

Taxpayers are told to be patient and accurate by waiting to file until they get their official tax forms and records. Employers have until January 31 to give their workers their Form W-2s. Filing without all the necessary information can cause handling delays, which could mean taxpayers don’t get their returns when they’re supposed to.

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Code changes that are important for the 2023 tax year

The 2023 tax year will be affected by several significant changes to the Indiana Code. The dependent allowance has been doubled, and reserve members will no longer have to pay taxes on any of their pay. There are also more credits, like the College Choice 529 Plan Credit, Indiana Earned Income Tax Credit changes, and new benefits for the Career Scholarship Account program. Taxpayers can learn more about these changes and others on the DOR website. INTIME’s secure texting makes it easier to talk to the DOR, so that service is faster.

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